M E (A) L S

At SammaGallery and the Ex Centro TAM (Pietrarubbia, PU), ME(A)LS presents RETENTISSEMENT, an environmental intervention that involves, in addition to the exhibition halls, the entire Marche village.
To guide us in the visits are the bees that pollinate the village and welcome us at the entrance of the house-exhibition designed by ME(A)LS.

By ringing the bell we are catapulted into a dimension of empathic, human involvement which takes the form of the docile voice that timidly welcomes us on the intercom saying: "Your reflection is in me, inside and out", from here we are invited to enter an intimate place that becomes the observer's own. It is as if we were solicited by the couple to participate strongly in relationality until we reach into their home.

Thus we find ourselves in everyday environments: an antechamber where we are led to live and let ourselves be illuminated by a seductive light, at times sexualized if we consider the nature of the shapes that support the lampshades: male and female pistils of a zucchini; until we arrive in a hypothetical bedroom, where, through kisses to the rhythm of techno, we see the merging of two bodies capable of flying and becoming bees.

From the ME(A)LS duo we are continually invited to movement: in different places, physically and ideally, we are urged to rethink dialectical relationships and social roles, we are tempted to become workers of a great vital organ.

Alberto Rota

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