M E (A) L S


ME(A)LS is a duo of artists composed of Elena Manfré (Alcamo, 1997) and Lorenzo Sbroiavacca (Trieste, 1989), both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino. ME(A)LS was born in 2020, a project that combines their distinct and peculiar subjectivities.
The duo investigates the relationship between Nature, Technology and Relationship through the application of technologies to the fields of anthropological and psychological investigation, focusing on the binomial automatism-carnality.
Among the personal exhibitions: Barren Garden, curated by Ilaria Monti at Spazio Display (PR); Adstrato, curated by Benedetta Monti and Spazio Y at Off1c1na (RM); Cromoempathetic Interactions, curated by Martina Pappalardo at Galleria LaPitech (CH); Retentissement, curated by SammaGallery at the Exhibition Halls of the Museum of Contemporary Art ex Centro T.A.M. (PU).
Among the collective exhibitions: O.U.T., curated by Rosanna Accordino at Officine Brandimarte (AP); Sssurprize3, curated by Alberto Zanchetta at the Centro Arti Visive Pescheria (PU); Tittle- Tattle, curated by Elena Manfrè at Spazio Arte Contemporanea L'Officina (PU); Nei sogni cominciano le responsabilità, curated by Alberto Zanchetta at Galleria Adele Cappelli (PU). Residence: "Le chiavi di casa", GuilmiArtProject at Guilmi (CH). Publication: RAPSO APS, “Hospes. The strength of vulnerability”, RAPSODIA 21/22, ISSN 2532-1838.

Through the deepening of the new technologies applied to anthropological and psychological investigation, ME(A)LS translates the relationship between representation and perception into visual inputs drawing from the real, focusing the research on the binomial automatism-carnality.
The research of the duo ME(A)LS manifests itself in works-environment through post-human atmospheres; artificial filters whose shapes, lights and colors are the visual attractors of an era with uncertain dualities.
The sharing of reactions that occurs during the construction and fruition of the works is essential for the restitution of a hybrid, alienated, grotesque, hallucinated reality.
ME(A)LS is the proliferation of dynamic, ever-changing relational tissues; an organic gear in which the reciprocal exchange, as well as the sharing of the interiority of the other, lay the foundations for the study of new ways of seeing and perceiving.

Solo exhibitions

27-28 August 2022
“Interazioni Cromoempatiche” at Galleria La Pitech, Guilmi (CH) curated by Martina Pappalardo

11 June - 1 July 2022
“Adstrato”, at Off1c1na for the fifth episode of /pos•tàc•cio/, Rome (RM) curated by Benedetta Monti and Spazio Y

28 May - 10 July 2022
“Barren Garden”, at spazio DISPLAY, Parma (PR) curated by Ilaria Monti

2 - 31 October 2021
“Retentissement”, at Sale Espositive del Museo di Arte Contemporanea ex Centro T.A.M., Pietrarubbia (PU) curated by SammaGallery

3 July 2021 - 16 March 2022
“Ancora. Ancora”, at @MUSPA - Museo Senza Pareti, Online exhibition on Instagram curated by MUSPA

Group exhibitions

07 January - 19 February 2023
“OUT. Oltre l’umano tabù”, at Officine Brandimarte, Ascoli Piceno (AP) curated by Rosanna Accordino

21 October - 30 November 2021
“Sssurprize3”, at Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, Pesaro (PU) curated by Alberto Zanchetta

17 - 24 June 2021
“Tittle-Tattle”, at Spazio Arte Contemporanea L’Officina, Urbino (PU) curated by Elena Manfrè

29 May - 20 October 2021
“Nei sogni cominciano le responsabilità”, at Galleria Adele Cappelli, Urbino (PU) curated by Alberto Zanchetta

Art residency

18 August - 28 August 2022
at Guilmi Art Project for Le chiavi di casa, Guilmi (CH)


RAPSO APS, “HOSPES. The strength of vulnerability”, RAPSODIA 21/22, pp. 88-91 ISSN 2532-1838

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